The P30 electronic control centre is used for the detection of gas leaks in industrial environments using specific sensors (S71 for natural gas, S72 for cylinder gas, LPG) and is suitable for the control and signalling of the presence of natural gas, city gas, LPG, cylinder gas, etc. in the air.  Wall flush mounted, or remote. a.Single – 3-Channel Unit

Internal alarms

  • Instant: visual with zone indicators (red LEDS)
  • Delayed: audible and visual

External alarms

  • Two relays with SPDT voltage free contacts, are available for: controlling the gas cut-off valve controlling an external audible alarm other safety devices
  • Compliance with standards CEI EN 60730-1.
  • Power supply 230 V – 50 Hz or 12Vc.c.

Sensors used with electronic detector P30 (3 detection areas) and P70 for DIN bar (5 detection areas), available in two versions :

  • S71 for natural gas and light gas
  • S72 for LPG (heavy gas).

Combustible gas detection probes to be used with P30A electronic detectors (3 detection points) and P70 for DIN rail (5 detection points).a.Single – 3-Channel Unit-2

Provided with LED to indicate triggering and positive safety connections with the control unit (their cut-out causes triggering of the detector)

S71-S72 has 3 indicator LEDs:

  • Green LED to indicate power supply
  • Red LED to indicate triggering.

Orange LED to indicate sensor fault.


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