LWZ – Hybrid

High efficiency air to water air source/ground source HYBRID heat pumps with E.V.I compressor
Heatings Capacities from 26 to 100 kw

The LWZ series of high efficiency hybrid heat pumps has been specifically designed for use with radiant floor heating systems or those applications where it is necessary to have maximum efficiency when heating.
They have been optimized on heating mode, are able to produce water up to 65°C and can operate down to -20°C ambient temperature. LWZ units are available in 2 or 4 pipe (SW6) versions. Both versions can produce domestic hot wa-ter, in the standard LWZ through the activation of an external 3-way-valve and in the SW6 version by means of a separate heat exchanger and hydraulic circuit for the domestic hot water.
All models are supplied as standard with a reversing valve for defrost and cold water production in summer.
The main feature of LWZ units is that they have TWO heat exchangers on the source side (one air source, finned coil and the other a water plate type heat exchanger).
The unit is primarily an air source heat pump but both source exchangers will work in series at low ambient conditions to maximise the operating efficiency of the unit. The COP will be superior to a standard air source heat pump