The P82 unit can be connected up to 4 probes model S81-82-83 or ATEX S84, S85, S86 probes  for theb.Four Channel Unit construction of gas detection systems in environments such as boiler rooms, garages, warehouses, workshops, etc.. with the ability to drive a solenoid valve or an auxiliary device (siren, flashing light, extractor, etc..) by the alarm relay inside.

Light signals:
1 green LED, power present;
1 yellow LED, fault-General;
4 yellow LEDs, fault line for each probe;
4 red LEDs, gas alarm for each line probes.

Acoustic signals:
A buzzer sound intensity> 60db at 1m.b.Four Channel Unit-2

Combustible gas detection sensors for use with electronic detectors P81 and P82 available in three model
s: S81 for natural gas and city, S82 and S83 for LPG for carbon monoxide.

Comply with the rules regulations or standards EMC 89/336/EEC, EN 50270

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